Kings County Lacrosse 2021
The Kings County Lacrosse Association is proud to be offering the exciting game of lacrosse to the youth in our community from Sussex Corner to Hammond River. We are passionate about the sport and believe this rich history should be preserved and nurtured.

Registration 2021



Lacrosse is a team sport known for developing; skill, speed, endurance and athletic agility. It achieves this by combining the skills of hockey, and many other sports to create a distinctive sport of its own.

The mission of the Kings County Lacrosse Association is to provide a program that will benefit area youth through a team environment.  We will emphasize fair play, leadership, physical fitness and most of all fun.

We will encourage playing the game for the sake of the game, to develop a positive attitude of sportsmanship and proper respect for fellow players, referees and spectators.  It is our intent to provide area youth with an experience that will leave them with long lasting memories.

The Kings County Lacrosse Association invites you to join us as we bring Canada’s fastest growing sport to our area.  

Come and join the FUN!