2021 Registration Closed (details to follow)

Parents Notice:  It is understood and agreed that the association and/or any of the officials, affiliates or sponsors do not assume responsibility for any form of injury, damage or loss resulting from any accident, from any known or unknown conditions, handicap or infection caused while participating in or traveling to or from a Lacrosse New Brunswick activity. The organization reserves the right to use photographic images of players taken during clinics, games and lacrosse activities in the promotion of the sport. Players’ names will not be used in conjunction with photographic images unless parental approval has been granted.

Code of Conduct

Purpose: Lacrosse New Brunswick seeks to provide a great lacrosse experience for all its players, parents, and coaches. LNB believes that a quality organization is measured by its conduct and attitude both on and off the floor. KCLA feels that how the game is played is even more important than winning itself. In pursuit of this goal, we have adopted this Code on Conduct and Sportsmanship Policy.

Players: As a member of a team and an organization your actions reflect on your teammates and the rest of LNB. You are expected: To play the game for the game’s sake; for the fun of it. To treat your coach, teammates, officials and opponents with respect. To avoid inappropriate behavior during practices, games, team or LNB sponsored events. To control your emotions. To make a reasonable attempt to attend all games. To attempt to win through your skills, effort and tactics; to always be fair. To take victory modestly and defeat graciously. To adhere to the rules of the game & conform to the rules established by LNB.

Parents: You are not only a supporter of your child but a role model as well. Your actions reflect upon your child, his/her team and LNB. You are expected: To remember that the game is for your child, not for you. To encourage and support your child in meeting his/her responsibilities to the team or LNB sponsored events. To refrain from directing the play of the game. To recognize and praise skillful play by both teams. To give positive reinforcement, not to yell or ridicule. To appreciate the fact that the coach is a volunteer. Not to argue with or criticize the officials or coaches, particularly in the company of your child.

Violations: Minor violations to the code of conduct should be resolved by the head coaches. Serious, continued or unresolved violations will be directed to the Disciplinary Committee. Players who continue to violate and code of conduct will be asked to sit out or all of games and possibly suspension. Parents or coaches that infringe on or continue to violate the code of conduct will be asked to leave the organization. LNB encourages good sportsmanship and respect from all its participants. It is imperative that parents, players, and coaches maintain responsible and respectful behavior.  Signing below confirms that I have read, understand and will abide by the code of conduct established by LNB.

2021 Registration Fees:

U6: $50, U8: $95

All other divisions:  First child $150, Second child $125, Family plan: $320

By Registering below you are confirming that you have read the above and agree to the conditions described. Registration Closed (details to follow)